Discuss a master thesis at the College of Law – University of Misan

A Master Thesis of the researcher (Mays Jalil Rahima) entitled ” means of combating illegal immigration across the maritime region” was discuss in the Faculty of Law on the virtual courtroom in the college. The discussion committee consisted of ; Prof. Dr. Sadiq Zughair Muheisen as Chairperson, Prof. Dr. Haider Kazem Abd Ali as a member, Assistant professor Dr. Salwa Ahmed Maidan member and Assistant professor Dr. Mohammad Salman Mahmoud as member and supervisor.

It is worth mentioning that the thesis included the study of the problem of illegal migration through the maritime region, which is one of the vital topics at the present time, because of the negative effects of this phenomenon and the danger it poses not only to the countries receiving illegal immigrants, but also to the exporting countries and other countries. Transit also, as well as a threat to the lives of illegal immigrants due to the use of seas and oceans as a conduit for international migration.

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