College Mission

The college seeks excellency in spreading and development of legal culture throughout the society to ensure the application of laws, regulations and instructions. Also, preparing the legal graduates to support the public function in the administrative institutions of the state, and the formation of lawyers who are responsible for achieving justice within the society. Therefore,  the priorities of the college is to focus on the scientific probity of the materials taught in the college and preparing a well-qualified cadres to carry this legal message.

College Vision

The college is looking to have a distinguished and prestigious position and scientific status through spreading law respect, and the rule of law. Active contribution in spreading law culture in order to serve the community, and providing government institutions with well qualified cadres that have respect for human rights and protect it.

College Objectives  :

1-  The  college  aims  to  preparing  specialists  in  practice  the  legal professions in various fields of public service.

2-  Preparing students to understand, explain and analyze law rules and giving students the skills of legal pleading.

3- Preparation of specialists with high qualifications in various branches of law, encouraging scientific research in the fields of legal study and activating the legislative development in the state.

4- Actively    participate    with    professional    organizations    and community institutions in supporting the general legal culture and values of noble justice associated with the value system of Arab- Islamic civilization.