Reviewer Guidelines

Blind Review is the reviewing system followed in (MJCLS) Journal. All the steps of reviewing are fully electronic. The reviewers have to read the criteria for judging a submission''s suitability for publication in the journal, which may include instructions for preparing an effective and helpful review. Reviewers will have an opportunity to provide comments intended for the author and editors as well as separate comments for the editor only.
Reviewers will be asked to comply with the competing interests disclosure policy.
Reviewer Guidelines
Please consider the following points if possible:
(1) Is the manuscript within the scope of (MJCLS) Journal?
(2) Are the data original and not yet published elsewhere?
(3) Is the title appropriate and concise?
(4) Is the abstract (in any) representative of the content of the manuscript?
(5) Is the subject clearly and logically presented?
(6) Are the interpretations justified?
(7) Are the discussion and conclusions supported by the results?
(9) Is the literature cited appropriately and comprehensively?
(10) Are the tables and figures clear, all necessary, and well labelled?
(11) Should some parts of the manuscript be modified, expanded, or omitted?
(12) Does the total length of the manuscript comply with its content?
Comments in the form of texts can be entered into comment field (comments for authors and those for editors only can be entered into two different sections. You can also upload edited files.
Please make a recommendation (Accept; Accept with revisions; Submit for review; Submit elsewhere; Decline; See comments).