Design of Water Pumping Mechanism using Wind Energy (Analysis Study)


  • Nabeel Al-Mayyahi Faculty of Engineering, University of Misan, Al Amarah City, 62001, Iraq
  • Firas Hussany
  • Sara Flayh


Windmill, Wind turbine, Renewable energy, Water irrigation


In the past, the main sources of energy were coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy and wood. All of these sources are limited in quantities and depleted. Moreover, they are considered the main cause of environmental pollution. Due to their limitations and their negative effects on health and environment, attention was turned to alternative energy sources and their uses in various applications. One of those sources is wind energy which is clean and available throughout Earth's geography and today. Wind energy is used in many applications where it can be converted into electrical energy, stored and transmitted, and it can also be converted into a mechanical form that is used directly in machines like water pumps. The main objective of this study is to design a wind-powered water pumping turbine. One of the most important results of the study is the design of a pump to raise water from a well using wind energy to irrigate farms with an area of ​​(2.5) hectares. A two-piston pump was designed, the first to withdraw water from the well and the second to Push the water into the reserve tank. (Irrigation occurs during periods of unavailability of rain water). Use Programmes in study is matlab for analysis and solidworks for 3d of work is Iraq, Almousel.




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