College teachers participate in a workshop

Our faculty members participated in a workshop at the University of Maysan on the course system
Accompanied by the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies (Dr. Mohammed Kamel Hassani) teaching (Prof. Dr. Younis Mohammed Attia) and teaching (Dr. Ibtisam Karim Muheisen) in the workshop held by the College of Education University of Maysan on the system of courses for the academic year ( 2019-2020) on the martyr Ali Mohammed Khazaal Hall
On Sunday, 13/10/2019, the workshop was attended by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hashim Abboud, official of the courses system at Maysan University, and M. Nasif Jassim Aati, webmaster of the system administration. The lecturer referred to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. By adopting an electronic program that allows the student, the supervisor and the exam committee to follow this system and through the registration of students by the registration unit and enter the student information
The workshop explained that the program allows the student to register for courses through the program and under the supervision of the student supervisor. Organizing the weekly schedule and final exam
The workshop concluded with questions and conclusions about the nature of dealing with this program, which allows the exam committee to follow the student in the daily exams and the end and offer grades

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