The Faculty of Dentistry is a newly established college, the year 2012-2013. The College is keen to raise the level of medical services through the preparation of qualified dentists to serve the community. The total material to provide rare studies after graduation in the field of dentistry and the opening of medical centers. Providing consultancy services in the above educational clinics at the Faculty of Dentistry. Promotion of scientific research. Holding workshops to educate people and raise the level of education.The College has three branches:

  1. Basic Medical Sciences Branch: Is one of the scientific branches, and a tributary of knowledge in the Faculty of Dentistry, interested in teaching subjects that form a foundation in the understanding of medical and health sciences and contributes to all scientific and academic activities of the College. And pathology and microbiology.
  2. Oral Diagnosis Branch:
    This branch is considered one of the big branches in the college, which includes several scientific disciplines taught in the second, third, fourth and fifth academic levels (oral medicine), (oral diseases), (oral and maxillofacial radiology) and (general diseases).
    (Specialization of oral tissues) (fetal competence)
  3. Orthodontics Branch:This branch is one of the main branches of the Faculty of Dentistry since the establishment of the College and specializes in the teaching of scientific material within the integrated scientific curriculum and complementary to each other where taught in the fourth and fifth grades theoretical lectures and laboratory and clinical applications, any clinical applications and training in the treatment of patients under the supervision of professors specialized in this field Its main objective is to promote the educational process which is the main objective of the scientific performance of the faculty