Lecture on Safety Requirements

The University of Maysan / College of Dentistry in cooperation and coordination with the Directorate of Civil Defense in Maysan organized an awareness lecture on (the requirements of prevention and safety of the state departments) and introduced the leading biologist (Salah Mahdi), outlining the tasks of the civil defense in securing the protection of the energies and human and material resources and minimize the size of losses To the extent possible, as explained by Law No. 44 of 2013, which provides for the organization of civil defense work in the protection of citizens and the environment from disasters and accidents. The lecture dealt with the following topics:

  • Definition of the concept of civil defense
  • Types of fire trucks.
  • Fire varieties
  • Causes of fire
  • first aid
  • Method of rescue and evacuation.
  • How to use fire extinguisher powder and CO2

At the end of the lecture, Major Bayouji (Salah Mahdi) thanked and appreciated the Deanship of the faculty and its teaching and administrative staff.

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