M.A. thesis was discussed at Misan University, College of Education, the Arbic Department

  1. M.A. thesis was discussed at Misan University, College of Education, the Arbic Department. The thesis is entitled “The Narrative Structures in Modern Iraqi Poetry :1990s poetry as a Model, by Ahmed Abdulkareem Yasin, and is Supervised by Asst. Prof. Ali Abdul Rahim Al_Musa’dy.

The thesis aimed to search for the concepts and techniques related to narrative construction and its modern techniques as well in reaching and investigating its causes, according to the requirements of the study, and in compliance with the phenomena and concepts used in the narrative construction.  The study consisted of an Introduction , and three chapters. The preface talked about the term structure in language and convention and in stating its origins, as well as about narration, and concluded with a theoretical introduction about the generation of the nineties.  The first chapter deals with the  narrative means and methods in the ninetieth text and the second chapter deals with the functions of language in the ninetieth text  while the third chapter shows the elements of narrative construction in the ninetieth text. The thesis concluded an important results, including The narrative text is a literary text through which it is made.  Transforming a set of facts sequentially into a written text, – the creativity, innovation and distinction of this generation, and openness to modern narrative techniques, this innovation and openness, in addition to the variation and diversity, is the most important characteristic of the poetic product of the ninetieth generation.