The Department of Geography

The Department of Geography was established since the establishment of the College of Education in 1999 within the four departments (Arabic Dept. , History Dept., Geography Dept., and Biology Dept.). It includes staff from different academic titles ( professor, assistant professor, Instructor, and assistant Instructor). 

The Aims of the Department

  1. To prepare specialized geographic staff capable of understanding environmental problems.
  2. To enable the students of the department to distinguish and vary the geographical phenomena based on the spatial relationship.
  3. To get the optimal investment and understanding the natural resources.
  4. To teach the students the kill of drawing, reading maps, and reading geographical distributions of geographical phenomena by using advanced scientific foundations such as GIS and remote sensing.
  5. To qualify and prepare the students as scientific staff  in secondary schools.
  6. To prepare the students for scientific and geographic research methods in research and advanced studies.