Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate Unit – College of Education

General supervisor: Asst. Prof. Ameer Ali Hussein (Ph.D.) –  Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Study

Director: Inst. Buraq Talib Shlesh (Ph.D.)

The Postgraduate Study Unit is administratively related to the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Study at the College of Education. It is responsible for completing all the Masters and PhD programs in accordance with the laws and regulations adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The postgraduate study was opened  in the College of Education  in 2016-2017 in three departments: the Arabic language with its two branches: literature and linguistics,  Department of History: Modern and Contemporary History, and Geography Dept. The number of postgraduates were 20 in these departments. In 2017-2018, the postgraduate study was opened in the Department of English to increase the number of the students to 80 in the four departments.  In 2018-2019, approximately 60 students were accepted in the four departments of our college. Currently, the college conferred Master degree twice, in Geography Dept. and History Dept. Moreover, a number of postgraduates are now in the final stages of completing the formal graduation requirements.

Vision and Goals

The Postgraduate Study Unit seeks to improve the quality of programs and research of postgraduate students in the various departments of the University in accordance with the College’s policy and mission. Thus, it serves to contributing to the society and the educational process. It also prepares a generation of highly qualified academic degree. The Unit further contributes to having distinguished and high quality postgraduate programs through the academic departments in the College which are characterized by continuity, and development, excellence, and serving the educational sector in all fields. The objectives of the Unit are as follows:

  1. To support postgraduate students and their supervisors through providing them with help in everything related to master’s programs at the college.
  2. Develop the Master research projects by ongoing planning.
  3. To encourage postgraduate students in coordination with the academic departments to carry out theoretical and applied research related to contemporary issues and to the problems of the province.
  4. The Unit seeks to be a model at the level of college and university, both administratively or academically.
  5. To highlight and activate the role of the Unit through guidance and instructions of postgraduate study as well as presenting workshops (workshops) by faculty of the College in various subjects.


  1. Implementation and follow-up policy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq and the University of Misan and the College of Education.
  2. Reply to inquiries regarding the postgraduate study in the college as well as the ministerial and university inquiries.
  3. Follow up the work of the Postgraduate Study Committee at the College.
  4. Help postgraduate students overcome the obstacles and difficulties facing them.
  5. Submit suggestions and recommendations that will raise the level of postgraduate programs in the college.
  6. Identify and follow up the needs of the Unit in the college.
  7. Prepare monthly and annual reports on the work of the unit and submit them to the Deanship of the College and the Presidency of the University.
  8. Follow-up students’ files and the requirements of scientific and linguistic assessment committees as well as the procedures of the thesis defense.
  9. Keeping the files of postgraduate students physically and electronically. They are further achieved electronically in the program of the university and the ministry.

Furthermore, the Unit has other tasks

– Students’ registration procedures and admission procedures for postgraduate study.

– Postponement of admission.

– semester’s postponement or deletion.

– Approval of scientific research and Nomination of academic supervisors.

– Primary and secondary extension of the study.

– Change the academic supervisor.

– Preparation of the names and terms as well as conditions of students’ acceptance in postgraduate study along with their starting study by administrative and university orders.


  1. Committee of the first admission which is responsible for receiving the files of applicants, sorting and auditing them.
  2. Seminar and thesis defense committees.
  3. Vacations Committee

Master Degree Programs

ا Department Master Degree
1 Arabic Language- Linguistics Available
2 Arabic Language- Literature   Available
3 Geography Available
4 History Available