College Board

Under the guidance of the President of the Board,  the Board holds ongoing meetings periodically to discuss itsassigned Agendas, to convey the instructions of the meetings of the University Council,and to take decisions that are within the authority of the College Board.

The College Board comprises:

No.NameTitle of JobMembership
1 Professor HashimDakhil Hussein Al Daraji (Ph. D.)DeanPresident
2 Asst. prof. Ameer Ali Hussein (Ph. D.)Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate StudyMember
3 Asst. prof. Muhammad KadhumHamd (Ph. D.)Assistant Dean for Administrative and Legal AffairsMember
4 Asst. prof. Muhammed Abas Jabar (Ph. D.) Head of the Department of GeographyMember
5 Professor Muhammad Hussein Zboun (Ph. D.)InstructorBoard Secretary
6 Asst. prof. Gufran Muhammed Aziz (Ph. D.) Head of the Department of HistoryMember
7 Asst. prof. Ali Abdul-Raheem Kareem (Ph. D.) Head of the Department of ArabicMember
8 Asst. prof. Tahseen Ali Mhudar (Ph. D.)Head of the Department of EnglishMember
 9Asst. Prof. Muhammed Mahdi Al-GrawiHead of the Department of Educational and Psychological ScienceMember
10 Asst. Prof. Mustafa Ali Hussein  (Ph. D.) Head of the Department of MathematicsMember
 11Asst. Prof. Muhammed Amer Muhammed (Ph. D.) Head of the Department of Quranic SciencesMember
12 Asst. Prof. Buraq TalabShalash  (Ph. D.) Head of the Department of PhysicsMember