Biology Department

About the Department

The Department was established at the beginning of the establishment of the College of Science in the academic year 2008-2009. The number of students admitted at that time was 16 students. The department celebrated the graduation of its first students in 2011-2012 with 14 students. At the present time, the number of students who have graduated has reached more than 170 graduates. The fifth graduation group has reached 44 graduates in 2016/2015. The development and expansion of the department is not limited to students and preliminary studies where the department began its scientific career with a few lecturers until the number of lecturers at the present time reaches to (25) lecturers in various scientific titles. The department also made great strides in the preparation of modern curricula and the possibility of transition to the semester system in the year 2017/2018 as well as the development of postgraduate studies and evening studies for the academic year 2017/2016.

Department importance

Biology is one of the branches of modern natural sciences. It is a broad field in the fields of human knowledge and is a basic basis for all sciences that study life and its various manifestations, including human life such as medicine and theoretical and applied medical sciences. It is at the same time the solid foundation of modern health sciences. Biology helps to detect the phenomena and vital processes that occur in living organisms and helps to diagnose diseases that occur in the human body and it can be an access to the ways to combat disease by treatment and prevention and on this basis, biology has taken great importance among the vital sciences and it entered the fields of public health, agriculture, food industries, laboratory analysis and environmental treatments. This expansion is due to the evolution of the biology that offers the multiplicity of modern techniques used by, so it occupied a degree of prestige in scientific studies in colleges and universities in the world.

Department vision

Leading and excellence in all of the education, professional and research fields within the biology, at both the local and global levels. The department is responsible for the graduation of students in biology disciplines supported by a relatively large amount of theoretical and practical information in the scope of the labor market and participation in solving scientific problems that contribute to the development plan in the country, and to conduct aimed and updated scientific research to keep pace with the scientific progress.

Department message

Preparing and qualifying staff specialized in various life science fields in all its specialties and branches that will be able to compete and contribute effectively to meet the needs of the society and enrich the knowledge of higher education and scientific research and local and scientific cooperation in accordance with the best local and global standards of quality and performance.


  1. Qualifying staff that is capable of understanding basic principles, theories and application in the field of various life sciences.
  2. Preparing of graduates that are highly able to compete in the labor market.
  3. Preparing of generations that are looking for the future and have the ability to keep abreast of scientific developments in order to serve the community.
  4. Conduct academic and applied studies and research in all disciplines of biology.
  5. Publish the scientific research and attempt to apply it from the relevant authorities.
  6. Develop solutions to many of the problems faced by society.