About the College of Science

College of Science was established in 2008-2009. The college has included three scientific departments (Chemistry, Biology and Physics). The aim of the college is to graduate researchers in professional specialists. Since its formation, the college started to attract scientific skills in the specialist of chemistry, biology and physics, in addition to other related pure sciences such as engineering and administration majors. The ambition plans have been stated to reach the college goals which were founded on a solid basis of planning, boldness and a rush in implementation. After the college was established, in two years until, its laboratories were equipped with the finest advanced equipment. The college was the focus of the attention of the other government institutes and researchers through the holding of development courses for staff of some institutes of the province, such as laboratories of the health and oil institutes, to broaden their knowledge in order to develop their workability on available devices and to open channels of cooperation with them. The college also worked on the development of work systems in the management of its departments through the adoption of modern information systems and new versions of the software and the introduction to the vocabulary curriculum of the College such as the issuance of the program (Microsoft office 2007) was used in the database system to analyze and store information for students and staff. The College of Science holds weekly discussion sessions in which faculty members and researchers from other colleges offer their scientific output and research to expand their knowledge of the rest of the lecturers and to create direct channels for discussion and scientific communication between Professors, students and researchers. The first scientific conference of the College of Science, which was held under the slogan of by scientific conferences, we can build a prosperous Iraq and for the period 10-11 November 2010 to translate this creative interaction and strategic vision of the College and to implement its quest to raise the scientific level of the college in particular and the university in general. The conference participants were seeking scientific progress and communication with the other Iraqi universities. It was the fruit of the continuous efforts to support the scientific process; it is the right of the college (that did not graduate its first graduation students) to be proud of. The College of Science today, looking forward to what has been achieved during the last short period and is well aware of the amount of responsibility to provide advanced scientific capabilities to our country that able to promote the new Iraqi reality and urged the pace to catch up with advanced science. We always raise our hands by praying to the lord whose knowledge has expanded everything to reconcile all the faithful to the good of our country. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.