Chemistry Department

About the Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in the academic year (2007/2008) in order to provide the University of Misan with the scientific qualifications in the field of chemistry. The chemistry department prepared all the requirements of the scientific labs, laboratory materials, lab equipment and free teaching. The numbers of graduates in 2011/ 2012 were (20) students who represent the first graduation students. Now, after increasing the number of teaching staff and laboratories, 61 students were accepted for 2016/2017 according to the ministry plan.

Department vision

Leading and excellence in all of the education, professional and research fields within the Chemistry, at both the local and global levels. The department is responsible for the graduation of students in chemistry disciplines supported by a relatively large amount of theoretical and practical information in the scope of the labor market and participation in solving scientific problems that contribute to the development plan in the country, and to conduct aimed and sophisticated scientific research to keep pace with the scientific progress.

Department message

Preparing and qualifying specialized staff in the fields of all various specialties and branches of chemistry sciences. The department is able to compete and contribute effectively to meet the needs of the society and enrich the knowledge of higher education and scientific research. In addition, conduct the local and scientific cooperation in accordance with the best local and international standards of quality and performance.

Section Goals

  1. Graduating a specialized staff with a fundamental knowledge of chemistry and its scientific applications, in order to serve the future work field.
  2. Teaching chemistry to the students of the department and other departments in the College of Science and some other colleges of the university.
  3. Contributing to solving scientific problems that contribute to the service of the country’s development plan.
  4. To carry out the aimed and updated scientific research that improving the scientific progress of chemistry.
  5.  Introduce post- graduate studies in the department to prepare staff specialized in chemistry.