physical Department

About the Department

The Department of Physics at the College of Science / University of Misan was established in the academic year 2016-2017 according to the ministerial order No. (3/ 40096) dated 6/9/2016, in order to provide the University of Misan with scientific qualifications in the field of physics.  The department has provided all the required scientific laboratories and the free education.

Department vision

Leadership and excellence in the fields of education, professional and research in physics at the local and global levels. The department is responsible for the graduation of students in the disciplines of physics, supported by a relatively large amount of theoretical and practical information that may help the in the scope of the labor market. In addition, participation in solving scientific problems that helps the development plan in the country. Moreover, conducting the aimed and sophisticated scientific research and keep pace with the scientific progress.

Department message

Preparing and qualifying specialized staff in the fields of various specialties and branches of physics sciences. The department should be able to compete and contribute effectively to meet the needs of the society and enrich the knowledge of higher education and scientific research. In addition, conduct the local and scientific cooperation in accordance with the best local and international quality and performance standards.

Department Goals

  1. Study the fields of pure and applied physics in a detailed manner in accordance with the requirements of the modern science through the creation of specialized teaching staff and the development of scientific curricula to keep abreast of the scientific development in the world.
  2. Preparation of scientific staff specialized in the field of applied and theory physics and acquire the necessary knowledge, which qualifies them to take over various tasks in society and complete postgraduate studies.
  3. Provide the community with specialized staff in various fields such as education, health, environment and other disciplines, in which physics contributes as a key partner in these fields.
  4. To create scientific staff specialized in the field of scientific research and the formation of specialized research areas in the fields of various physics sciences and interlock these groups with staff from outside the department in different specialties, which contributes to the development of the scientific program.
  5. To carry out the aimed at developed scientific research and adapting to the scientific development of physics.