Seminar at the (on the phenomenon of drug proliferation and its impact on the individual and society)

According to the recommendations of the scientific symposium held by the College of Education / University of Misan (Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences), and based on the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (on the phenomenon of drug proliferation and its impact on the individual and society), the social networking sites as well as the fight against this dangerous phenomenon to society through providing awareness and educational programs to prevent drug abuse and its negative effects as well as the guidance of the Dean of the College of Education (Prof. Hashim Dakhil Al-Darraji- Ph.D.) and under the supervision of the Head of the Department (Asst. Prof. Sawsan Hashim Al-Jabri) in cooperation with the Director of Education of Misan Province (Mr. Riyad Mujbil Al- Saedi) and to complement the visits made by a group of lecturers of the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences to schools, the lecturer (Lect. Ayad Naeem Majeed- Ph.D.) visited Al-Tahrir High School for Boys. The lecture was about as the fight against drug addiction as well as social networking sites and electronic games excessively. There was interaction by students, dialogue and discussion in brainstorming with staff members to help students overcome this problem, and God willing in the coming days a number of schools will be visited in the province for delivering lectures to raise awareness in order to achieve a prosperous future for our dear country