held a scientific symposium entitled (New Orientations in Literature and Linguistics)

Under the auspices of Asst. Prof. Ali Abdul Aziz Al-Shawi (Ph.D.) and under the supervision of Prof. Hashim Dakhil Hussein Darraji (Ph.D.) the dean of the College of Education and Asst. Prof. Ala’ Dhafer Amer (Ph.D.) the head of the Department of English, the Department of English in the College of Education / University of Misan held a scientific symposium entitled (New Orientations in Literature and Linguistics) on Monday 24/12/2018 at the Martyr Ali Mohammed Khazaali Hall at ten in the morning. The symposium was attended by Asst. Prof. Dr. Adel Manea (Ph.D.) the assistant to the president of the University for Administrative Affairs, the Dean of the College and the assistant for scientific affairs, College members of the College of Education and undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of English language. The symposium included Opening session: 1. Reading verses from the Holy Quran. 2. Reading Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq. 3. Playing the Iraqi national anthem. 4. Playing the University Anthem. 5. Speech of the Dean of the College of Education. 6. Speech of the Head of the English Department. The research session consisted of the Chairman of the session (Dr. Ala’ Dhafer Amer) and the Rapporteur of the session (Asst. lect. Ahmed Hassan Mossa). The researchers are: 1. Prof. Dr. Will Weigler, University of Victoria, Canada, through a video lecture entitled ((Why Spectators Gasp at the Theater: A New Approach to analyzing Plays)) 2. Research intervention by Prof. Dr. Samir Sheikh entitled ((Theater Semiotics)) 3. Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Kadhum / University of Dhi Qar / College of Education entitled ((Using CDA and Sociocultural and Language Socialization Perspectives to Study Intercultural Discourse)) 4. Assistant Professor Dr. Fatima Rahim / College of Basic Education / University of Misan entitled ((The Use of Context in Teaching Grammar and Its Influence on EFL Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Grammar Rules)) Research of the Department of English / College of Education / University of Misan 1. Assistant Professor Dr. Iqbal Sahib entitled (( Role of Meta Discourse Markers in Showing Attitude and Stance in Newspaper Discourse)) 2. Dr. Raed Fadel entitled ((Persuasion and Rhetoric Perspectives)). 3. Dr. Najam Abdullah Burhan entitled ((The Impact of Final Report Strategy in Teaching)). 4. Lect. Nidal Mahoud entitled ((Social Relationship in Time of Technology and Information in Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information)). 5. Asst. Lect. Wafa Hussein Jabr entitled (( Towards Smart Language Learning: Possibilities and Obstacles)). 6. Asst. Lect. Furqan Abdul Redha entitled ((Analysis of Sound Devices in the Structure of Poems)). The objectives of the symposium are: – Share experiences in applying new trends in language. – Organize the shared ideas in literature and linguistics. – Produce a statement of shared literary and linguistic perspectives. – Develop new and contemporary aspects in teaching English as a Foreign language. – Promote global, regional, and national knowledge through exploring new orientations in language. Preparatory Committee for the Symposium is: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ameer Ali Hussein (Head) Asst. Prof. Dr. Ala’ Dhafer Amer (member) Asst. Lect. Ahmed Hassan Mossa (Member) Asst. Lect. Sami Hattab (Member) Asst. Lect. Ali Globe (Member) Asst. Lect. Wafa Hussein (Member) Asst. Lect. Furqan Abdul Redha (Member) The symposium included the exchange of ideas and modern scientific theories. It concluded with the word of the dean of the college in which he thanked the joint researchers. His speech was translated to Dr. Weigler. The symposium ended with distributing the certificates of participation to researchers by the Dean of the College Dr. Hashim, the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs Dr. Ameer, the Head of the English Department Ala’ Dhafer and Rapporteur of the Department Asst. Lect. Ahmed Hassan