, University of Misan under the slogan (With the Advancement of Science and Knowledge, the Homeland Rises)

Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and under the direct supervision of the President of the University of Misan and Dean of the College of Education, the second international scientific conference held by the Colllege of Education, University of Misan under the slogan (With the Advancement of Science and Knowledge, the Homeland Rises) On Wednesday, 27-3-2019, and for two days, the opening ceremony of the conference witnessed a large number of researchers and scholars participating in the conference from inside and outside the country. It also witnessed the presence of several personalities from members of the parliament, Misan provincial council, officials of state departments as well as members from the cultural, educational and media environments. The ceremony included reading a verse from the Holy Quran and reciting Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of the great Iraqi heroes of our valiant army and security services and members of the holy Popular Mobilization. Then it was followed by the national anthem and the anthem of the University of Misan. Several events were highlighted, the most prominent of which were the valuable words of both the president of the University of Misan and the dean of the College of Education in which they pointed to the impact of science and knowledge in building comprehensive national development as well as in the service of society and the national impact of science and culture in achieving citizenship and the advancement of the homeland despite the difficult security and economic challenges that Iraq is facing. In addition, there was a scientific lecture by the president of the Union of International Historians Prof. Ibrahim Said Al-Baidani (Ph.D.) entitled (Knowledge Management and the Role of Universities in Community Service and Knowledge Production). The ceremony ended with the awarding of certificates of appreciation to the Governor of Misan, the Vice-President of the Council and to the participants in the conference. The opening ceremony was followed by the launch of the scientific activities in the college of education with evening sessions in all its departments. It witnessed a large turnout of university lecturers and undergraduate and postgraduate students extended to the evening of the first day. It has continued on Thursday morning, 28-3-2019 the scientific research activities to its afternoon. The conference ended with a closing speech by the dean of the College of Education, president of the Conference, in which he demonstrates the recommendations of the conference and the success of the desired objectives. Satellite channels covered the conference activities due to the importance of this conference as a distinguished national achievement. The president of the University of Misan referred to the remarkable success of the conference with a quick statement to the supervising media committee. The attendees expressed their admiration for the creative capabilities of the University of Misan and the College of Education and their merits in the management of such outstanding conferences that can represent science, knowledge and culture in our beloved country. Congratulations to all those who prepare it, supervise and manage it. God grants succes