(a seminar) on (Research Methodology (Descriptive Methodology)

The Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences / College of Education / University of Misan (a seminar) on (Research Methodology (Descriptive Methodology) delivered by (Asst. Prof. Majid Rahima Jabr- Ph.D.) on Al-Shaheed Hall on Tuesday, April 15, 2019, at 10:30 a.m and under the supervision of the Head of the Department ((Asst. Prof. Sawsan Hashim Al-Jabri) with the presence of a number of lecturers and students. The seminar dealt with the concepts of methodology and the scientific research, the problem of the research, the types of methodology including the descriptive method, thedefinition of the descriptive method, types of descriptive research surveys, correlative studies (interrelationships) study of growth and development (longitudinal _ cross-sectional) as well as sequential studies, due to the importance of this subject for both students and lecturers together. There were a number of suggestions, which are:

  1. Continuing to hold seminars for their scientific importance and their impact on the development of the educational process.

 2 – Agreement on the definition of some scientific terms, and urge students to attend the seminars due to their scientific importance.

 3 – Working under the guidance of the Ministry in distributing students of the fourth year to their supervisors during the summer vacation for the purpose of preparing research during the holiday period.