scientific research- Biology Department


The lecturer’s name:

Sadiq Subaih Karim

Department of Biology

the team :

Prof. Dr. Sahar Abdel-Abbas Malek Al-Saadi, University of Basrah, College of Science

Ass.Prof. Dr. Alaa Hussain Nasser,

University of Dhi Qar, Faculty of Science

Research Title :

Phylogenetic relationship among some species of  Solanaceae in Iraq

Abstract: The genetic relationship between seven species was studied:

1– Capsiccum annuum 2- Datura innoxia 3-Datura metel 4- Hyosamus reticula 5– Lycopersiconesculentum 6-Physalis alkekungi 7-
Solanum nigrum

 Belong to Solanaceae family in Iraq using ITS gene

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