Scientific Research – Biology Department

Name: Prof. Dr. Ali Abd Al-Wahd Qasim

Department of Biology

Team: Non

Journal Name: AIP Conf. Proc.

Research Title:

Extracellular Biosynthesis of Sliver Nanoparticles from Some Species of Nematode Trapping Fungi

Abstract: Due to the lack of research on the ability of Nematode Trapping Fungi, namely Arthrobotrys conoides, A.cookedichison, A. eudermata, A. microscaphoides, A.oligospora, A.thaumasia, and Clonostachys rosea isolated from soil, Maysan Governorate, southern Iraq, to ​​produce nanoparticles This study was conducted, and it was found that these fungi showed the ability to form silver nanobodies outside cells.

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