Master’s thesis at the University of Misan investigating breast cancer diagnosing

A master’s thesis entitled:

“Genetic Polymorphism and Variation of the Genes Related to Breast Cancer Predication”

was discussed at the College of the Science / University of Misan by the student (Zainab Zamil Gateh). The study aimed to shed light on the widespread cases of breast cancer in the community, especially in the province of Maysan and to study the relationship of the disease to genes and whether the disease is the result of genetic factors or from external factors such as the environment, pollutants, and radiation.

The study showed that there is a large genetic formation in Iraqi society, especially in the south. The study also revealed the presence of several different genetic mutations. And that there are differences in the amino acid sequence and thus a difference in the protein produced by cancer cells. The study concluded with obtaining the application of a new technique in PCR used for the first time in the world: PCR-RAPD-PCR. Also, for the first time, the radioactive optical microscope technique was used to detect tumors using radioactive dyes for tissue samples, which are faster and more accurate in diagnosing the disease.

Members of the discussion committee from the honorable professors are as follows:


Prof. Dr. Haider Sadoon Qasem / Chairman.

Assis. Prof. Dr. Rana Sabah Jawad / Member.

Assis. Prof. Dr. Salah Hassan Farag / Member.

Assis. Prof. Dr.  Maytham Abdul-Kadhim Darrag / member and supervisor.

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