A seminar at the University of Misan on the Phenomenon of Suicide

A seminar at the University of Misan on the Phenomenon of Suicide The Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences / University of Misan / College of Education held a seminar on the phenomenon of suicide, delivered by the lecturers (Asst. Prof. Layla Qasim Lazim –Ph.D.) and (Asst. Prof. Suad Salman Hassan) and (Asst. Prof. Naseef Jassim Āti- Ph.D.) on Sunday 26/4/2019 at 10:30 am. The seminar was supervised by the Head of the Department (Asst. Prof. Sawsan Hashim Al-Jabri) with the presence of a number of students of all academic years. Dr. Layla addressed the forms of suicide. Asst. Prof. Suad discussed the statistics on this phenomenon in Western and Arab countries and the reasons that lead to it among all ages. Further, the seminar addressed some of the recommendations, including the expansion of the establishing treatment centers for treating such cases. The seminar included the need to accelerate the treatment of problems of poverty, unemployment and drug use, providing advice to those who attempted suicide through media. The social researcher Dr. Naseef discussed the definition of the phenomenon and tried to survey it historically and then he discussed its legal rule in Iraq as well as some Arab and Western countries. The most important ways of implementation and the most serious causes that lead to suicide are mental disorders, drug and alcohol use, difficulties that cause despair and frustration and getting easily the means of suicide. The researcher provided some remedies, including: emphasizing religious motivation, since religion has a role in reducing suicides, predominance of emotions on mind in terms of attending cafes and working with bad friends, working to reduce providing means of suicide such as weapons and drugs.