University of Misan organizes a scientific symposium on the Fuzzy theorem

(fuzzy theorem ) University of Misan organizes a scientific symposium on the Fuzzy theorem The Department of Mathematics at the College of Education, University of Misan organized a scientific symposium on fuzzy theorem with the participation of specialized lecturers and researchers. The first section presented by the Head of the Department of Mathematics (Asst. Prof. Mustafa Ali Hussein- Ph.D.) in which he dealt with the definition of the fuzzy group and its characteristics as well as the fuzzy numbers and their arithmetical operations, as well as the solution of fuzzy partial differential equations by the method of specific implicit differentials. The solution included the equation of fuzzy heat as well as the equation of Fuzzy linear transition and dispersion with fuzzy coefficients in which completely new solutions and ideas have been presented that have not been addressed before by any local or global research. The second section was presented by Prof. (Mudher Sabah Hamid- Ph.D.). It included the mathematical and physical definition of the theorem as well as its two general approaches, why the theory was originally found and what phenomena it addressed in general. The symposium also addressed the physical behavior and phenomena which the classical theories have failed in dealing with more complex cases through the formation of intelligent functions capable of predicting events. The symposium concluded listening and overlapping with the questions of the audience in a pleasant scientific atmosphere.