Dr. Muzaffar Yacoub Hussein receives a patent

Dr Muzaffar Yacoub Hussein a lecturer In the College of Engineering at the University of Misan has received a patent entitled “The use of silver electrodes as an alternative to platinum electrodes in measuring the Zeta voltage of titanium dioxide film.

The objective of the patent granted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control is to use the alternative electrodes in measuring the Zeta voltage for the solutions of medical and pharmaceutical materials. The voltage measured by using these electrodes is the voltage of the electrophoresis phenomena, Its water solutions are a mutual effort representing the membrane effort and the effort of the ions in the equilibrium state of each.

The patent included the ease of manufacturing electrodes from overlays (silver + 4% gold) and forming them in the form required to measure the effort of Zeta and can be used when checking the stability of medical and pharmaceutical materials such as determining the stability of children’s medicines (pharmaceutical kids drink), which should remain in the form of a solution stuck and medicines used as inhibitors of calcification Blood cells in blood vessels.