About Department

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the College of Engineering / University of Maysan in 2012 and the aim of establishing the department was to meet the needs of the governorate and the country from civil engineers and that is due to the urgent need for this specialization in the stage of reconstruction and recovery that began after the fall of the former regime.

Vision :

Upgrading to a distinguished and renewable department in the field of education, scientific research, and community service, and contributing to its development and development in the fields of civil engineering to become a world-class department.

the message :

1- Graduating high-quality engineers with highly competitive, professional and creative scientific capabilities.

2- Developing academic and practical scientific research so that it interacts with the community and contributes to trying to find solutions to engineering problems facing projects that are implemented in the region.

3- Community service by providing engineering consultations and technical studies for industrial establishments and companies, and conducting specialized training courses.

4- Conducting specialized engineering examinations and making optimal use of modern and advanced laboratories and devices available in the department’s laboratories for the sake of community service and state institutions.

Objectives :

1- Graduating highly qualified civil engineers by paying attention to updating and developing school curricula in a way that serves society and keeps pace with modern global curricula and provides the latest sources of knowledge and modern technology for students to develop their capabilities in innovation and learning.

2- Preparing research cadres by activating the research side of students and training them to use the Internet, libraries and electronic programs, and conducting scientific tests.

3- Enriching the students ’application side through field visits to engineering projects and seeing how to implement mega international projects through scientific films.

4- Encouraging faculty members to conduct and publish scientific research and promote to obtain advanced scientific ranks.

5- Seeking to open postgraduate studies in the department and to provide distinguished master’s programs.

6- Carry out community service by providing engineering consultations to government departments and industrial companies.

7- Carrying out technical studies and laboratory and field tests to serve the engineering projects that take place in the region.

8- Providing continuing education service for graduate engineers in order to raise their efficiency and introduce them to new in the field of civil engineering through specialized training and qualification courses.