About Department

The department was established in our college on 7/6/2012, since the establishment of the college, the department council was formed and it consists of the department head as head and the department rapporteur as a rapporteur and the membership of the department’s teaching. The department council convenes periodically monthly to discuss student graduation projects and distribute them to the teaching staff and discuss the distribution of study materials to the teaching staff and follow up the percentage of Progress in implementing the curriculum vocabulary for all stages according to the department’s plan with all the teaching staff. The department council also convenes to discuss the final exam results for the first and second rounds and submit recommendations to the college council.

Vision :

Reaching out to the corresponding departments in the field of petroleum engineering in sober universities and contributing to the development of fields of petroleum engineering through conducting scientific research.

the message :

For the department to become one of the most prestigious departments at the local and regional level by providing distinguished university education by raising the level of performance of the department’s employees and providing academic research in the field of oil engineering. It also contributes to meeting the country’s needs for specialized engineering cadres at a level and standards parallel to the renewed global developments in the field of specialization.

Objectives :

1- Providing a solid university education in petroleum engineering.

2- Working to graduate qualified engineers with sufficient basic knowledge of all subjects of this study.

  1. Development of the student’s scientific and research capabilities.

4- Providing technical advice and scientific services.

5- Raising the level of workers in this specialization by holding continuous education courses and conducting scientific and applied research.

  1. Encouraging faculty members in the department to carry out research and applied studies in the fields of specialization and to provide appropriate solutions to problems.
  2. Provide the opportunity to specialize in the fields of petroleum engineering by seeking to open postgraduate studies.
  3. Providing studies and consultations for companies in the field of specialization.

9- Holding scientific courses, seminars and conferences at the college and university levels.

  1. Qualifying faculty members by participating in specialized courses and conferences inside and outside the country.
  2. Development of laboratories and rehabilitating them to be ready to conduct research and specialized studies.