Speech of Mr.Dean

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

The College of Engineering at the University of Maysan was established in 2012 in the city of Maysan, and the college includes four departments, which are petroleum engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The college contributes with the expertise of its teaching cadres in training and developing cadres working in state institutions in its various sectors and providing engineering consultations to them and their graduates in supplying state departments and companies operating in Iraq with engineering cadres that have the ability to keep pace with work and development in the fields of engineering and technology.

The College of Engineering has strategic plans in developing its various programs, which are in line with the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and international standards in developing the faculty of the faculty, its curricula and its scientific laboratories with laboratory equipment and advanced applied engineering computer programs, and the development of postgraduate studies and research and administrative units, strengthening the academic and research role of its teaching staff and the intellectual and scientific level of the student and discovering His skills, developing a mechanism for cooperation with state departments and institutions, and civil society organizations, and providing mutual services to the community and all that supports Maysan University’s position in the world ranking among international universities

Dear visitor, We thank you for your visit to the College of Engineering’s website, and we hope that you will find on our college website what answers your questions and inquiries, and we are pleased to contact you and express your opinions and suggestions about the college’s programs.