Speech of the President of Maysan University on the occasion of the second anniversary of his assumption of the presidency of the university

((Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, in gratitude to thank Him in performance, His right to judgment, His love is hope, His grace grows, and His reward is generous)))
In an accelerated pace towards building a distinguished scientific edifice of knowledge for the governorate of Maysan, Maysan University has adopted the principle of “and an approach to catch up with sober universities. Since we assumed the presidency of Maysan University, we have drawn up visions, strategic plans and time feasibility to ensure the expansion of the university campus and its formations through the implementation of a number of urban and pioneering projects in various medical, humanitarian and social fields and provide a safe educational environment for students. Building in the Colleges Complex at a site of 110 dunums and the site of Al-Kahla Road, including (building housing halls and a health complex for students of the internal departments, developing a building for the Deanship of the College of Pharmacy with classrooms for students, establishing an administrative attaché and study rooms for the College of Dentistry, building classrooms for the College of Medicine, building classrooms for the department Physics in the College of Education, building classrooms for the Department of Qur’an Sciences in the College of Basic Education, establishing a building for the Deanship of the College of Physical Education and Science For sports, building classrooms for the Electricity Department in the College of Engineering, constructing a building for the Continuing Education Department and the Electronic Calculator Center).

Since we took over the presidency of Maysan University and for the second year, we focused our attention on refining the university’s academic orientation and opening new doors and opportunities, through the innovative incentive system that the university recently developed. Their skills and development of their capabilities within the vision and mission of the university and keeping pace with the development taking place today, and we are constantly in overcoming obstacles and taking official approvals to create designs for a university city with an area of ​​(1600) dunums with a housing complex for students and according to the investment plan of Maysan Governorate, as well as work is continuing to re-work in the center. Cultural University of Maysan, according to the investment plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

On this occasion, I take the opportunity to express my sincere respect and appreciation to the Maysan University Council and its teaching, functional and administrative staff as well as for its students “for their honorable stances and generous care in supporting our university’s march during this critical period. This made our pursuit of institutional development serious and diligent, which we can only achieve with the solidarity of your active hands. And Allah is the Grantor of success

Prof. Abdul-Basit Mohsen Ayal, President of Maysan University